FAQ for legal professionals

The following does not constitute legal advice. All relevant issues cannot be considered. The assumption is that, where appropriate, miners will consult with their legal advisers and any other adviser they deem appropriate.

Can the Alert System be considered a form of digital asset regulation, and if so, how does it comply with existing regulatory standards?

No. The Alert System operates as a contractual mechanism aimed at enforcing the NAR and ensuring network integrity within the BSV network. Compliance with broader regulatory standards is, however, supported by a broader undertaking in the NAR that requires adherence with all applicable laws.

How does the BSV Association ensure transparency and accountability in its regulatory role on the BSV network?

The BSVA fosters transparency and accountability by making the Network Access Rules (NAR) publicly available, following due process for issuing directives and regularly making relevant information available to nodes and other interested parties. These due processes mirror the transparency expected in multilateral contexts.


The content of this document is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to modify or supersede the contractual rights or obligations of any party to the Network Access Rules. Parties are encouraged to carefully review the Network Access Rules to verify the accuracy of the information presented here. It is assumed that, where necessary, parties will seek guidance from their legal counsel and any other advisors they consider necessary.

Any statements here do not purport and should not be considered to be a guide to, advice on, or explanation of all relevant issues or considerations relating to the contractual relationship established by the NAR. The BSV Association assumes no responsibility for any use to which the BSV network is put by any miner or other third party.

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